SWG 전략자문

who we are

Geopolitical Risk Consultancy + Think & Do-Tank



Provide partners with analyses and on-the-ground insight into the geopolitical risks and opportunities in Northeast Asia and the United States. Design bespoke pathways to navigate an increasingly complex political and security landscape.



Political-Military Affairs Strategy Design National Security Risk Management

Emerging Technology Foreign Policy        Public Policy Crisis Response


Advisory: Provide insight through informed analyses. Design strategies to anticipate, navigate, as well as mitigate political and security risks. Consult on commercial technology development and application in support of national security. Develop crisis management and response plans.

Research & Analysis: Conduct innovative studies on new and emerging issues related to politics, security, and technology (PS&T).

Education & Training: Provide a learning platform and training modules to raise understanding of strategic issues related to PS&T.

Knowledge-Sharing: Cultivate a diverse and more balanced (e.g. gender, age, political orientation, government & non-government/academics/industry) community of experts on security. Raise public awareness on related issues.